Redneck Fullstack Web Developer

I'm a Fullstack developer that lives out in the country. I develop everything from Video Games to E-Commerce websites.

Hey there, fellas!

I am a fifteen-year-old fullstack developer that lives in Texas. Coding is something I really enjoy and something that I always will have interest in.

I really enjoy making websites of all kinds as well as Discord Bots, games, and more!

Currently, I'm looking to start my own web development business by building some websites for people.


Responsive Design

I make sure that every website I make works on almost any device. You can always count on me to make your sites fit everywhere.

Sustainable Quality

Persistence, Equity, Skill, and Design are four elements I keep at my side when developing for others. With more than four years of programming experience, I will unleash my skills to ensure that you're more than satisfied with your website.

Always On Time

You can call me lots of things, but you can't call me late. Time is priceless and I try my best to make use of every second. You can count on me to get your website done before or on the deadline every single time.


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Coding is Boundless

Need a website for a considerably cheap price? I've got you covered. I can make anything from a single-page personal website to a customizable, multiplate eCommerce store!