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About Me

The complete guide to ... me?

Hi there 👋

My name is Conner Ow (Pronounced "ow" as if you got hurt).

I'm a Fullstack Developer who lives out in the country, about an hours' drive from Dallas, Texas.

I code because it allows me to express my imagination and creativity. What other programmers develop inspires me to build and inspire others.

My coding Journey

Discovery 🔎

My passion for programming started at the age of eleven after having been introduced to Khan Academy.

Learning 🧭

For the next three years, I would learn frontend development from Khan and FreeCodeCamp, and the basics of Fullstack Web Applications from Codecademy.

Connection 🌐

I searched for a suitable place to host my fullstack websites. I found Replit and joined their Discord Community. I also joined an unofficial Khan Academy discord server.

Discord allowed me to communicate with others in realtime, dramatically improving my productivity. I hung around people I shouldn't have, did some foolish stuff, and got my account nuked.

Competition 🏆

I started to dip into competitive programming by doing a few coding challenges and hackathons. In November of 2021, Replit announced their annual game jam. Participating in it helped me get close to the community. I cut the rope on Khan and stuck to Replit.

Motivation 🔥

After participating in the game jam, I decided that I wanted to work at Replit. I applied for an internship and flunked the interview. I wasn't about to stop there.

In the next eight months, I did a three-month internship at Saasbox, raced solving algorithms on Codingame, learned and build multiple projects with Next.js, and took up the responsibility of moderating the Replit community.

I made some impactful improvements to Replit's moderation tools and did some contract work for their Trust and Safety team. I decided it was time to apply for Replit again.

Opportunity ✨

After two more attempts, I got hired by Replit as a Support Engineer. For the next year, I:

  • Built and improved anti-abuse tools
  • Fixed some small bugs and added some new features
  • Improved some of Replit's Support Tools
  • Remodeled and maintained the docs
  • Built some AI projects
  • Maintained the Replit Extensions Client
  • Helped out with DevRel & Marketing on twitter

Next steps

In the next step of my life, I want to dive deeper into Content Creation and Entrepreneurship.

Frequently Asked Questions ❓❓

Q: What's your favorite programming language?

A: Typescript. It's like Javascript but more scalable and with a much better Developer Experience.

Q: What's your worst favorite programming language?

A: Java. Super heavy Object-oriented programming and mandatory semicolons are pure pain.

Q: Are you available for hire?

A: Yes!

Q: Are you open to collaboration?

A: I have multiple ongoing projects at the moment, but I'd be happy to try out and provide feedback on your project.

Q: What's the best way to reach you?

A: Join my Discord Server and ping me, or reach out to me with a Twitter Direct Message.

Skills 🛠

Next.jsNext.js is a react framework for building web apps
Node.jsNode.js is a JavaScript runtime for the UNIX-like system
ReactReact is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces
TypescriptTypescript is a JavaScript type-checking language
Framer MotionFramer Motion is a React library for making beautiful and performant animations
MongoDBMongoDB is a powerful NoSQL database
Emotion CSSEmotion is a library designed for writing css styles with JavaScript
LangChainLangChain is a library for building LLMs through composability
HTMLHTML is the markup language used to create web pages
p5p5 is a JavaScript library for creative coding, interactive graphics, and games
SassSass is a CSS preprocessor with improved syntax and functionality
PythonPython is a multipurpose programming language useful for AI, ML, web apps, and more
StripeStripe is a payment processing platform
Kaboom.jsKaboom is a Javascript framework for making 2D browser-based games.
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